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    Our Clubs Ambassadors will instruct and or coordinate with the Directors.Students and individuals who perform well during competitions can apply and serve as Ambassadors in their schools or area. Young people...
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    Our Directors are individuals with outstanding prowess and potentials who will extend their knowledge towards the success of the Club. The stand between the organization and the public to bridge relationships Globally....
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Story About Us

Who are we?

About African Rainbow of Education Club or AROEC

AROEC is an International Educational Club with the desire to eliminate illiteracy across the African Continent by establishing door to door reading Clubs throughout Africa.

Rebirth of Literacy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to efficiently partner with Global Communities for the purpose of developing a Love of Literacy across Africa. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all individuals to receive an education in learning to read and write. For...
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AROEC Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our vision at the AROEC is to provide a door to door educational opportunity for the purpose of eliminating illiteracy across Africa.

To encourage the pursuit of positive, an aspiring educational resources to acquire skills to develop a Love of Literacy through reading and writing.

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