Awards and recognition are integral part of social  activities to reward hardworks, encounrage focus and shape mindset of the younger generation.

Reward system is a veritable way to encourage younger generations to read more. AFREC has categories of award to recognize and celebrate outstanding club members who displays exceptional and uncommon attitude to reading and carrying out tasks as given by the club. The reasons for this types of incentives is to keep the club members engaged and challenged throughout their membership of the club.

Regular rewards motivate club members. This also prods them to read harder and accord top priorities to task given to them. The awards categories are as follows:

Young writers award

This award is given to the most creative writers in the club or clusters. The reasons for this award is geared towards encouraging and developing creative writing skills amongst club members. The award will help develop great number of African writers that will tell African stories for the next generation.

Readers Awards

A good reader will be a good leader. To lead, you should have the ability to read and analyze reports, synthesize information and make a right and informed decision. Reading is a culture that needs to be nurtured at an early stage of development, once this stage is missed, there is little remedy that can be carried out. This category of award gives special recognitions to club members who accomplished their reading task. Those who can summarize and interpret books and those who takes the initiative of reading to other audience and peers are specially rewarded

African Readers Award

This awards, gives special recognition to club members who took their time to digest information on African Culture, diversity, history and politics. This is to encourage the development of the minds of the younger generation to appreciate their African heritage and to work towards developing the continent steering it clear from hunger, disease and poverty.

Darla Williams Award

This award is from our Director Darla Williams who passionate about literary development of the African child and has contributed immense resources, both economical and human capacity to achieve this aim. The award still covers

  1. Darla Williams Young Writes Award
  2.  Darla Williams Readers Award 
  3. Darla Williams African Readers Award