Help 100 children to Reading Club

This project is aimed at assisting 100 children to enroll in a book club. Most children are not privileged to have access to books either at school or at home. They are often left with the only option of carrying out their school works, playing through out after school hours and waiting for the next day to have any interaction with books again.  Particular attention need to be given to young ones during school holidays or vacation to consistently inculcate the culture of reading and research for academic purpose and for entertainment.

Some of the young ones with burning desires to be part of Reading Club may not be able to do it, due to financial consideration of logistics of attending the closes school clubs near them. Household chores and the need to assist the family in petty economic activities to augment family income takes a toll on most young people which results in reduced interests in reading as an out of school activities.

In AFREC,  concerted efforts are made to identify these children, mobilize, and engage their parents to convince them on the imperatives of enrolling their children in clubs. Emphasis are placed on the benefits of engaging the minds of the young ones to positively impact on their future quests for sustainable existence in the society. Good books shapes the mind positively and a postively shaped mind shapes the society positively for the better goods of all.

Support for this project will help many young ones to access a bright future through peer learning and communal sense of knowledge acquisitions which will engender sharing of real life experience and scenerios among members of the club to enable members to appreciate experience of members and build friendship with common coals that will last a life time, impacting the society positively.