Our Clubs Ambassadors will instruct and or coordinate with the Directors.Students and individuals who perform well during competitions can apply and serve as Ambassadors in their schools or area.

Young people are easily influenced by the characters and charisma of their peers either positive or negative. When the young ones are not properly guided, they tend to imbide negative characters and vices out of sheer ignorance and lack of experience about life.

AFREC Club Ambassadors are trained to display exemplary characters among their peers. They are encourage to develop the culture of reading as many books as they can covering several subjects and topics to widen their horizons and increase their knowledge of their immediate social environment and beyond. They are trained to share books among their peers and also share stories from interesting stories.

Since establishment of the club, a total number of 200 AFREC Club Ambassadors have been trained in 5 schools. They have been instrumental in influencing more young ones to join the Reading Clubs in their schools.

Help donate to this particular cause to help establish more Club Ambassadors across more schools. This will help to reduce juvenile deliquencies, channel young energy to positve and fruitful ventures and create future leaders with wealth of understanding to manage people and resources, effectively and responsibly.